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Our Story


Rosa and Simon Madrigal were both originally born in Mexico. They met here in Milwaukee over 20 years ago. Simon was and is a wonderful man, who helped me raise my first three children, and three that we later had together. As a couple we worked really hard to make ends meet. Simon worked in drywall and I worked as a server at Los Mariachis in Racine. We both worked long hours. Not having any education was hard to make a living working elsewhere. Our dream was to be business owners. It took us about ten years before thinking about making a move on our dream. We looked in Racine where we were living, but couldn’t find anything in our budget that would pursue our dream from coming true.

We had friends here in Sheboygan who motivated us to look for locations here in town. We saw one other location that was just not in our budget and kept looking till we found this one here on Michigan Avenue. This place was in our budget, and the perfect size that we were looking for. Simon worked in remodeling, so he had a vision to turn this little location into the restaurant that we dreamed. We saw our business growing rapidly and felt the need to expand, not once but twice. Now that we have our family restaurant set to our satiation, we would like to thank everyone in the community that has helped us grow and accomplish our dream.